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Sales & Rental Module

The Sales & Rental Management module streamlines property transactions, simplifying sales and rental processes. Manage multiple real estate projects efficiently, automate plot/unit transfers, and accurately track agent commissions. Customize property unit types to meet specific requirements, ensuring flexibility in property management.

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Finance & Accounting Module

The Finance and Accounting module integrates financial operations, streamlining accounting processes. Seamlessly manage finances with integrated finance, generate comprehensive ledger reports for better financial insights, and configure multiple banks and cheque books. Efficiently handle employee profiles, salary management, payroll processing, and loans/advances.

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Executive Control Hub

The Executive Control Hub module provides centralized control and oversight for real estate projects. Gain full project management capabilities, generate timely reports for informed decision-making, access clear client ledgers, and obtain detailed project overviews. Establish a flexible user rights policy to ensure data security and confidentiality.

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Why e-State?

Enhanced Efficiency
Streamline real estate operations and automate processes, saving time and improving overall efficiency.
Centralized Project Management
Gain full control and oversight of all projects, ensuring seamless collaboration and better resource allocation.
Improved Financial Management
Integrate finance and accounting processes, enabling accurate financial tracking, reporting, and streamlined operations.
Transparent Processes
Simplify transactions, track agent commissions, and ensure fair and transparent sales and rental operations.
Timely Decision-Making
Streamline real estate operations and automate processes, saving time and improving overall efficiency.
Accurate Client Ledger
Access a clear and comprehensive client ledger, providing a transparent overview of payments and associated details.
Data Security and Confidentiality
Establish a flexible user rights policy, ensuring data security and maintaining confidentiality of sensitive information.
Scalability and Customization
Adapt the ERP to your evolving needs, with the flexibility to customize features and scale as your business grows.

Our customers says

  • Bilal Rasheed
    E-state ERP has revolutionized our rent collection process. With its automated system and accurate financial reports, we can now ensure timely payments and maintain a clear overview of our rental projects.
    Bilal Rasheed
    Crescent Tower
  • Kashif Javed
    We've been using E-state ERP for our real estate marketing company, and it has been a game-changer. The ability to manage multiple projects and calculate agent commissions effortlessly has given us a competitive edge in the market.
    Kashif Javed
    Cougar Marketing
  • Bakhtiyar Hassan
    e-State ERP has transformed the way we manage our real estate projects. The software's intuitive interface and powerful features have simplified our operations and improved our productivity.
    Bakhtiyar Hassan
    Project Owner

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